Molo longo
Molo longo

Molo Longo – Rijeka’s Longest Pier

Jun 11, 2021 | Rijeka

If you feel like having a long walk for health,  just for fun or to give an extra romantic touch to your Rijeka vacation, Molo Longo is your go to place. Molo Longo, literally translating to “Long Pier”,  is the longest pier in Rijeka, which measures 1,7 kilometres in length. It’s just a short walk from any of our apartments. The first part of the pier is a ferry terminal, followed by big cranes and a long promenade taking you to a lighthouse. So, if you wake up early enough, you will see the pier filled with fishing boats delivering fresh fish and seafood to Rijeka’s market and local restaurants. You may even get some fish at bargain prices directly from the fishermen or just 5 minutes’ walk at the main market. On the other hand, you may choose to take a casual afternoon or an evening walk down the Molo Longo pier, overlooking Rijeka’s waterfront on one side and the clear blue horizon on the other. You’ll find locals and travelers sitting on the blankets next to the sea, having a take out meal and watching the sunset together while having a beautiful view of the port of Rijeka. Moreover, during the night the pier and old cranes are lit up making for a great tribute to Rijeka’s industrial history and a perfect photo opportunity. Many events take place on the pier during the summer time, which you can check out on the Croatian Tourist Board website If you don’t feel like walking, but you would still like to visit the lighthouse at the end of the pier and dive into the whole Molo Longo scenery, you might want to consider renting e-scooter available in each of our apartments. Even though it’s kind of a mecca for locals and tourists alike, Molo Longo breakwater is primarily used as a pier. So, make sure to watch your step. Also, there is just one bar at the beginning of the pier, so bring some water with you since you might get thirsty while walking total of 3,5 kilometres from the beginning of the pier to it’s end and back.

FRIENDLY WARNING: Due to COVID-19 restrictions which are changing on almost weekly basis and could affect the organization of events and working hours of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions. Also, you can get up to date info on the official Croatian Government dedicated site  and Total Croatia News portal with special section on traveling during pandemia.


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